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The life of Ian Parker - Biography


December 18 1954 – August 10 2005

Ian Parker’s beautiful composure and confident personality portrayed that of a normal fun loving and endearing child and young man. Ian was highly respected and much loved in all circles of the ‘rich tapestry’ of his life. He rose to the highest ranks of his Teaching Career, having  graduated from La Trobe University with a Degree in Honours of Quantum Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

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Ian was quoted as ‘an equal to Professor Eliezer’ a renowned world genius himself of these subjects and Ian’s lecturer at the time.


[Eliezer joined La Trobe University in 1968. as a professor of mathematics. From 1969-71 he was dean of the School of Physical Sciences. He was also deputy chairman of the Academic Board at La Trobe 1969-71. Eliezer was again dean in 1982-83.

Following his retirement in 1984, Eliezer was named Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at La Trobe until his death10 March 2001].

What was not visible and for so long evaded all who knew Ian was the internal struggle that for so long accompanied his artistic creativity and prodigious talent – a struggle of mental and emotional torture which was later diagnosed as Bipolar Disorder.

The Ian Parker Bipolar Fund and the Australian Rotary Health/Ian Parker Bipolar Fund PhD Scholarship for Bipolar Research is a living testimony to Ian’s beautiful spirit.

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Ian Parker – Teacher of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics

Years 11 & 12 – Mildura High School 1978

Contact details: carol@bipolarresearchfund.org.au