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To find the links for donating through the Generosity Directory toward

the ‘Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund’

to help find a cure for Bipolar Disorder, click ‘Mental Health’ or ‘Medical Research’

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or you may wish to donate directly online:

The Ian Parker Bipolar Fund’s GOAL is to work with a wide range of Businesses and Industries who have  true commitment and a passion

toward helping support the Research of Bipolar Disorder through the Australian Rotary Health PhD Scholarship Program

and partner to the ’Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund’.

The donate button will direct you to the Australian Rotary Health donation site

where you are required to ’reference’  the ‘Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund’.

Please leave your contact details and you be will responded by Australian Rotary Health with your Taxation Receipt.

Australian Rotary Health

Would your Business or Corporation like to

host an event to raise funds for Bipolar Research?


If you wish to host an event please see details below, complete information boxes and submit to Carol Smit.


The Ian Parker Bipolar Fund believes that at the heart of every friendship, we need to stay not only true to ourselves,

but to each other, upholding the values that each of our Organisations have been built upon:

respect, loyalty, integrity, honesty, transparency, passion, friendship, fun, innovation and accountability.

Since the year 2000 Mental Health has been the primary focus of Australian Rotary Health, with the majority of the funding contributing to research in the area of mental illness, and as such are the largest independent body to fund Mental Health Research in Australia.


In the year 2011 – 2012, Australian Rotary health focused its research into the Mental health of young Australians aged up to 25 years old.

Therefore Australian Rotary Health and the Ian Parker Bipolar Fund see it as absolutely vital for committed partnership to have many varying Corporate Business Sponsorship partners who are willing to support the research of Bipolar Disorder to help find the cause and eventual cure.

How would this benefit your business or industry?

By supporting the Australian Rotary Health / Ian Parker Bipolar Fund PhD Scholarship Program, this would help to expand and declare your corporate social responsibility and commitment to helping Mental Health with much impact, particularly by helping to ensure the next generation of Australian people, no matter their creed, cultural beliefs, gender or age that they will be well equipped to look forward to a much improved Mental Health care and support system.

Every Australian person is deserving of the very best and most enhanced Mental Health care available through research.

Your support would help create awareness, reduce the ‘stigma’ so often surrounding Mental Health issues, identify and build your Business Brand by differentiating your Business from your Competitors.

Your alignment with Australian Rotary Health /Ian Parker Bipolar Fund would build our trust with your Business and foster closer friendship with our cause.

The Bendigo Community Bank Colac Staff  Members

Proudly Supporting the

Ian Parker Bipolar Fund


With the inspiration for giving from a Business or Industry, the Employer can bring about very positive attributes from Employees as they take pride in contributing to that Business or Industry, as they too see the benefits of giving back to the community.

Word Of Mouth (WOM) is a very powerful tool and Employers and Employees can create an even greater impact on the wider Community by the ‘Power of Suggestion’ to promote a ‘Fun Run’ - ’Hat Day’ – ‘Trivia Night’ or ‘Corporate Dinner’ where funds will be raised for Bipolar Research.

The strategies are endless.

You may be an Employer or have an Employee who would wish to become a volunteer for the Ian Parker Bipolar Fund.

Your proposal submission is always invited!

Do you wish to submit a proposal of how you believe your

Company, Business or Industry

would support the Australian Rotary Health / Ian Parker Bipolar Fund?

We would love to share and support your strategies!

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We ‘WELCOME’ you

to come on board

and help us to raise funds as our


as we together strive to

find a cure for Bipolar Disorder


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We would love to hear of any fundraising suggestions you may wish to share with us

and are always very grateful to hear of any proposals you may have.

Occasionally there may be some delay in replying to your email due to a such high administrative demands.

All endeavours will be undertaken to reply as soon as conveniently possible.

We do thank you in advance for your patience.

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Carol Smit – Founder, Manager  & Event Organiser

Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund